Weekly group classes 

Weekly classes are the backbone of every Kizomba learning experience. They allow for a pedagogical building up of the classes, a structural approach and a continuous learning. They ensure personalised feedback and a accompanied development.

The regular change of dance partners is crucial to ensure all moves are learned correctly, including the leading and following techniques. It allows to practise and repeat sequences whilst encouraging the build-up of connection. The aim is also to verify that moves will work outside of the class with partners who have not necessarily followed the same course.

Monday in Brussels

The Embassy Room Brussels

Boulevard Bischoffsheim 38 B

1000 Brussels

Tuesday in Brussels

Dance Studio Merode

Contact us for more details

1000 Brussels

Wednesday in Gent

Shoonya Dance Centre

Stapelplein 41

9000 Gent

The first class of a beginners 1 series (in January/April/September)

can be taken as a FREE try out class.


Around once per month we organise intensive Bootcamps, dedicated to a special topic in order to complement our weekly classes and to give you a more wholistic Kizomba experience.

Topics include Tarraxinha, Musicality, Ginga & Lady Styling, Angolan Culture, Cape Verdean Culture, History, Language, Semba Show, Dips & Tricks, and more...

Private classes

An excellent way to level up quickly, to freshen up your rusty knowledge, or to join a course that has already started are private classes. In a private class you work with your instructor 1 on 1 on your personal goals. This is a highly effective way to improve faster, for instance to double check your foundations, identifying areas which need attention, or getting a personal analyses of your strengths and weaknesses. It is a good idea to combine the 3 main areas of practise for the best result: group classes, private classes and social dance.

Online coaching

We often receive requests from abroad for online coaching from students who wish to improve their level of dance and who cannot join us in person. In order to get a personal analysis of your dance, send us a video of yourself and we are happy to go through it with you to help you level up. However, this is just a complementary way which should and cannot replace face-to-face training.

Teacher training

Teaching a dance is much more than “just” teaching a dance, i.e. showing a movement. There are many layers attached to being a quality instructor. If you are interested in becoming a wholistic quality teacher who knows their movements, steps, posture, music, culture, history, language, etc. but also has a clear mastery of structure, pedagogics, psychology, etc. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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About Kizomba

Kizomba is a beautiful couple dance, originating in Angola. Often described as African Tango, it developed from the Angolan dance Semba in the 80's and 90's before starting to spread over the Portuguese speaking countries ...

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